Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Disturbingly delighting Dexter

I couldn't tell you why I'm over the top stoked about this Dexter swap I'm in(sign up end Feb.20). Between liking the show and just feeling like it will be a lighthearted fun swap I can't help myself. I hope others are as excited as I am. I've already started a list of things that I could include in my swap package. I'm trying to conjure up something creative. Some other people in the Dexter group on Ravelry (which is where the I found out about the swap) have already gotten their creative juices flowing. Here are some of the cool colorways that one of the members has created and started to sell. Again, if you're a fan of the show you'll be amused by the names and the colors.

103 AKA "Bloodbath"


Hookers Fingernails

Ice Truck Killer

Hawaiian Shirts

Those were just some of the ones I really liked she has others like Dark Defender, Dexter's Canvas, Bay Harbor Butcher, Lila, and Beneath the Bay. If you're not down with all the grouping and swapping business and you just like the yarn you can get it here from Cosmic Yarns on Etsy. I think all she has left is the Hawaiian shirts colorway but I'm sure that will change once the swap gets started plus you can special request.


Virtuous said...

Thanks for coming by to visit the Charlotte Purls knitting group! :o)

Have fun with your Dexter swap! I have actually never seen the show! ;op

The Mad Crocheter said...

I have GOT to check out Dexter sometime soon. We actually have the first season on DVD and just haven't started watching it yet... Maybe we need to finish our other serial killer show (fabulous anime called Death Note) first.

Ninabeena said...

virtuous- your very welcome. i like the blog very much
mad crochet- it's a really awesome show Michael c hill really brings it. the whole cast is great and the storyline is so intriguing