Saturday, February 23, 2008

Can’t decide, let’s vote ok?

So I got yarn to knit that snazzy little Phiaro scarf from Knitscene. I'm subbing with SWTC Bamboo yarn instead of using their Oasis like the pattern calls for. Thing is I originally got onto kpixie saw the color Tequilla and thought "LOOOOOOOOOOVE, never knew what I was missing…" but the more I looked at it I thought, "Nina maybe you need to click-click-click it down a few notches-other people might not know how to handle you and all your all color ALL THE TIME." So then I let my eye wander over to my second choice, Esquire. When I saw Esquire the song eventually came to me, "I try hard to fight it- no way can I deny it…..can't explain why your loving makes me weak." So I clicked "buy." And in a short day and a half it was on my doorstep.


Then I happened to be giving an update on what I was ready to cast onto my needles on Ravelry (I'm on a whole 'nother level of addiction to that place recently) and went to link the page that I bought the esquire from and wouldn't you know I accidentally bought 3 skeins of Tequilla. Actually, I had a panic attack when I saw the tequilla again and decided I wasn't being true to myself.


So now here's the story I get Tequila the next day (kpixie is not even joking with the shipping) and while nice it's not exactly what I thought either- so now I have two great colorways and I honestly can't decide which I'll used for Phiaro. One of them has to go back. Will y'all vote and help a sister out?

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