Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Evian Alps

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For some reason airplane window photos are always hit or miss. I am in beautiful, delicious Italy now. When I flew in I snapped a couple of shots of the Alps. They look exactly like the Evian water bottle pictures. They are beautiful.

I want to learn to snowboard and ski now so I can experience them in all their true glory. Still, it was a crazy day to travel here. I swear every person on my first flight had been struck with the plague or something. I don't think I've ever shared with you all before but I am like EXTRA sensitive about mucus. It's an unnatural loathing for (way above what would be normal dislike for normal people) all things mucus related. I mean seriously what is wrong with people? Don't your parents tell you not to pick your nose or to get your fingers out of your nose from the time you can understand? I have never in my life witnessed more people up their nose than I have in the last month of traveling. Get a freakin' clue folks….

I digress. I'll tell you what else looks like the pictures in Italy are the houses on rolling hills with tall, skinny bushy trees. They are just like those snazzy little Tuscany pictures you can buy at Target. It's pretty sweet. I'm over the moon at the thought that I will be living here in less than six months. Last night we went to this quaint little restaurant outside of post (which post here is TINY) called La Fana. I had my first Italian house red wine and it was the best wine I had ever tasted. It was just smooth and didn't have the bitter acidic taste I'm used to getting with red wine (even when I've drank the finer stuff). I ordered lasagna because it was homemade there at the shop and it too was sooooo delicious. The tomato sauce was not overpowering at all and the lasagna noodles were handmade/homemade too. It was all just so smooth. Also, it's funny, the lasagna I had was a big ol piece, and I practically ate it all and even though I was full I didn't feel gross or heavy. What a difference already. Eating dinner is an event here. It takes several hours and there are several courses. Last night we cut some of the other courses out but still managed to have desert. I had a half of a coconut shell fill with fresh coconut gelato. It was just so creamy and perfect followed by the most amazing cappuccino and I don't even like coffee! Finally we ended the night with little lemon cellos. They say it helps with digestion. They came in tiny little scientist beakers and tasted just like lemonhead candies except with a kick. We ate so much but I was amazed at how light all the food felt in my stomach. I had my camera with me and wanted to take pictures so bad but I didn't want the natives to think I was weird so I refrained. Tonight they won't be so lucky because we are definitely going back there.

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knitgirlll06 said...

Hey Nina,
How have you been? By the pics and latest post I'd say pretty good. Glad to hear all is well and I love your Noro colorways. Hope you enjoy the remainder of your travels.