Monday, March 26, 2007

And another one...

Biggie, biggie, biggie, can’t you see? Sometimes your knits just hypnotise me and I just love your… Remember, I started Wendy’s dream-swatch pattern for a scarf? I wanted to give all my peeps a little something from me straight from the heart before I left VA. I didn’t even half way get started in time to finish anything so now I’ve resolved to a more decent time frame of before I leave for Italy. That could be a while…..
I started knitting the dreamswatch for those times when Delta was just ticking me off and I needed to take a breath and step away from the stupid instructions (because obviously it’s the instructions fault that I’ve had to rip it twice already).
Anyway, this is for one of the sisters of the Danica scarf recipient. The gal loves lavender and bamboo so what could be better than a scarf made out of bamboo in a lavender color?
Again, can you say “knitting pimp” I thought the pattern would be a lot tougher but it was super easy- it just takes a little patience. I’m very pleased with the results if I have to say it myself. I added more stitches to the pattern to make it a little wider. It’s actually been done for some time now and I already gave it away.
I really like the bamboo yarn. It is firm yet sometimes it feels a little “foamy” it’s super nice and the color…well you see it…LOVE. I think the recipient liked it so I’m happy. It’s one of those items you can do in the winter or wear as an accessory in the spring. Now, I’ll have to get another project to work on instead of Delta.
BTW, sorry the first pic is sideways, tilt your head a little and it should work out! lol
I'll post pictures of my horrendous sock and also give details on what I'm working on right now this week.
So far since I've been home I've run 4 really slow miles over two days and am on my way to Monday's weight session. Slowly but surely. More on that as well...later- what an action packed week.

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