Sunday, May 07, 2006

My sister came up from Shaw AFB in Sumter, South Carolina to trek over to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. We had a blast! We both kinda lurk outside of a couple of blogs of folks who were talking about going. maybe next year we will both be more confident to jump into this tight knitted community with full force. (pun intended-lol)
Anyway, we knew there were about a trillion knitters, spinners, fiberlovers, bloggers, etc out there but we were not expecting all of them to show up at our festival...
We were so amused at the masses of husbands hauling fiber back to mini vans, SUV's, and trucks while wives or girlfriends or whoever trailed behind in what looked like states of euphoric bliss/trance. This could just be my own perception --this being my first time to experience any of this and having to wipe the drool from yarn and fiber desire from my own lips.
Anyway, when we first arrived the two of us walked around fondling every texture, pointing at every animal, commenting on every color. It was pure sensory overload. We did a couple of rounds to make sure that if we were going to purchase we weren't missing anything. My DH had contributed to my SEX (stash enrichment xpedition for all you non-knitter) fund and I was not about to blow due to lack of research/self control/education- whatever I was not going to blow it. I already was feeling like the funds I came with (which I was previously elated over) were now just not enough so I wanted to be careful.

We rounded the corner and met these wonderful people from Indigo Moon Farm.

Though the tent was insanely busy they gave my sister and I (along with about 4 other curious passerbyers) a quick drop spindle lesson. I'm telling you though I had never even seen a drop spindle before I don't know what happened.
I hadn't even found yarn for this supposed first pair of socks I told myself I'm going to knit but here I am toting way to much fiber to spin on a drop spindle. Apparently I just could help myself. I was just glad that me and my sis were there first otherwise I might have had to elbow or drop kicked one to the old ladies to get my beginners drop spindle- they were selling like hotcakes.
Anyway, I had an awesome time. It was cool to see every one in there handknitted tanks and sweaters or carrying their little felted bags. I just wanted to hug and squeeze everyone because it was such a cool thing to be a part of.
I never found my sock yarn--not because there was none but more because I had no idea on earth what the heck type of socks I want to make. We searched high and low but I just could never make up my mind.
In other news since it seems I never post anymore, I did start the scarf as stated before.. It's coming a long. These pics are from Wednesday or Thursday or Tuesday-whatever, point is that ther is more done now but you get the idea
Notice my cute little multicolored platform sandals. The are very comfy; go with just about anything and only cost me $17 bucks at Target. Free advertising Love Love Love.
Anyway, if you enlarge the photo and take a good look you can see where I messed this lovely little lace pattern up. I didnt'take it out because I was afraid i would have to start all over to get it and I got right back on pattern nad it didn't look back etc etc. Here is the scarf. Ok. For any dear heart that is still hanging on my thread to my lifeless blog I am sure this is like overload right now so go ahead and read a little bit at a time over the time spance of a few days because you never know when i may post again. And if I post again you just aren't garaunteed it will be interesting so don't complain today. See ya soon.


Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome time, glad you got to go!

Black Purl said...

Jaden says....."Auntie Nina I miss you and I drived all the way to S.C.....I like your GREEN yarn (wool)and I like dinosaurs."

Glaistig said...

Hi! This is Glaistig (from Wow, that looks like a fabulous festival! You look very happy with your purchases :) (I'm from MD originally so I'm very jealous.) Congratulations on your weight loss!

In answer to your questions on my blog, Denim appears to be very specialized yarn, since it's supposed to shrink so no subs. The shrug is the One Skein Wonder from Glampyre's site at Just click on the "Pattern Shop" on the left. It costs $3.75 but it's worth it because you'll probably want to make a couple!