Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Seriously though, this is like consecutive post.The could be a record for me.

Enough of that, I have been checking out many many many knit blogs. Love, Love, Love, what everyone else is doing. Some time in June I will add a listing and buttons to all the wonderful people I subscribe to but have no idea that I've been lurking on their site for like a trillion years. My site needs a makeover anyway. It takes me forever to do things sometime. There's on ryhme or reason. Sometime I'll get done and other I'll drag my feet. But maybe I'll even get snazzy and buy one of those little kits/programs to do something snazzy to the site- I know I'll try to control myself.

I stopped ripping the lace mohair blend scarf I screwed up because it kept getting tangled and I just wasn't having the frustration that day and I also haven't touched the Mary Janes again since the cast on fiasco. Nope, no work on the zippered bolero/sweater/thingie either BUT I have been spending my time on this...... since Saturday.

It is coming along quick actually. I'm a little more that halfway thru the front. Once I'm done with that I need to make the back pc which is exactly the same and then knit all the little borders. Seaming will be the issue. Nevertheless, I am liking this so much I am strongly considering making it in plain black and white with red trim too. I've seen where black and white will really be in this summer and plus it would just look funky and punchy I'm thinking. Good thing I'm funky and punchy.


Nik said...

thanks for delurking thyself *lol*
congrats on the weight loss, girl. and I'm loving those bright colors in the latest project. I shall link you.
I'll be back ;)

Gewel said...

Oh dear Lord... My sister call sme Ginabeena. LOL Very funny.

Becky said...

WOW. I am IN LOVE with that colorway on that tank! I'd love to knit and wear something like that.

P.S. Ripping out mohair is a nightmare. I had to do it several times and sometimes I'd have to use little scissors to cut tangled hairs in order to avoid breaking the yarn.