Monday, May 15, 2006

NOTE:This post is actually from the 13th but I'm being fairly ghetto and just now getting around to posting it up.

So I am feeling even more retarded today. I cast on for the sweet mary janes for like an hour last night. I went to the knit along site and everything. I tried every method except for the one that I actually might have got. Finally, I stopped being lazy and traveled all the way upstairs to get my crochet hook and cast on in only one try. Pissed! Err, irritated- I guess that’s more ladylike.By the time I got the cast on done I was like, “Dude, I am so finished for the night.” I went to bed.
^^^^^^This is the yarn I will use for the Mary Janes BTW- my sister gave it to me^^^^^^

The funk continued last night only this time me and DH were both in it. Poor thing dropped his freshly painted crotch rocket yesterday. He had trouble with the test at DMV too. I felt really bad for him.We both woke up tired, irritated, and in rotten moods today. He said something halfway retarded and I snapped and pretty much bit his head off this morning. Things are better now though. My whole day hasn’t been sucking even though I’m still not quite myself. My little diet has been going pretty weak these days. I’m not gorging myself at all but I am not eating the specific things prescribed and I am not eating often enough. I am sticking to the exercise to a T though so at least that is good. Tonight is Leg night. This is my week to do the 3 sets of 30 squats on the smith machine. I HATE this exercise. Since it’s so many and I’m lifting a little heavy it puts some pressure on my back and my back is kinda not quite right these last couple days. Hopefully, I won’t hurt myself any worse.

I’ve decided that I have enough lavender, Hawaii blue, and white Lion brand microspun in my stash to make a couple of tank tops…But first I want to make this out of last summer's knit.1 catalog. i know all of you must be like, "Stop with the knit.1 already" Obviously I really liked it...

Anyway I want to knit the other tanks from the top down and I’m thinking I could try to do this WITHOUT A PATTERN. I might even crochet them. Speaking of crochet I saw this awesome UP TO DATE pattern book on this chick’s site the other day. I want this book! Maybe next payday I’ll treat myself along with some sock yarn or a ball winder- one or the other at a time. (I wonder how much $$$I've spent on my little hobby @ this point?) After these the only other thing I want to start is a pair of socks. Surely out of all these projects I can finish one of these babies. Back to the tanks, I say I could do it with out a pattern now but we’ll see how easy it is to do this after I actually start. Thinking about it in my brain it all comes together logically but a lot of times that’s were the logic ends for me.


keohinani said...

hey there! thanks for commenting on my blog. unfortunately, i'm located on oahu, not maui. i'm not familiar with knitters from maui so perhaps you could look up the aloha knitters group on yahoo and post a message there? i'm sorry i'm not more of a help :(

Becky said...

You can knit the tank without a pattern. Go for it!

P.S. I love that crochet dress you knit from the k.1 mag. You've got mad crochet skills! That is a seriously cool dress - that kind of look is all the rage right now. If I had that dress, I'd be wearing it over capris or jeans. The possibilities are endless.

Ninabeena said...

Awww shucks! Thanx.
I have plans to wear it over my bathing suit in Hawaii but I hadn't even thought about wearing it over capri's. What a great idea...Hmmm
I knit it in a small size last year as motivation for myself so it will be cool for it to make it's debut! Wow, thx for commenting-I feel totally star struck right now.