Friday, May 12, 2006

Sometimes I just get into a funk. It’s not every month or even half the time but when the funk comes it’s usually around female time. Nevertheless, it’s just one of those things were you feel drained or sad –like you’ve had a loss for no apparent good reason.
I wonder if for me this funk comes because I’ve got so much to do and feel a little overwhelmed. It’s funny that I work to the best of my ability when I’m down to the wire. When I’m stressed to the wire and finish things it feels like the best accomplishment ever (which could explain a few things about the lack of finished knitted projects-anyway) but before the “down to the wire” comes I can waste a lot of time in the funk stage thinking about all the things I need to do when I’m down to the wire.
Enough of that, I know I’m just feeling a little of the stress from all the changes that Mateo is going thru. He had to give notice to his job of over 7 years today. It was hard yet exciting for him. I know he felt like he compromised his integrity in some way but he really had no other choice. I’m sure that he will get over it as soon as he starts his new job in the military. He is about to start realizing his dream I hope it is very fulfilling for him because going to school, working at his job, doing ROTC for the last several years has not been fulfilling at all. I’m sure it just felt like he was working and working and working toward this allusive goal. Now he’s obtained it and I hope that it ends up to be even more than he could have ever thought it would be for him….

Anyway, I figured that since I have absolutely no finished projects on this baby I’d post up some old stuff. I crocheted this snazzy dress from Knit.1 last summer.

I used the white microspun called for and actually really liked it despite my sisters protest against microspun. I have to admit that the yarn does seperate some but once you get the hang of it, it ain't so bad! I like the way it feels and looks too.
I took some pics of some of the cut little details too. Note the cute little ruffled edges at the bottom, the little drawstring tie the puff sleeves (my first ones ever) the nifty single crochet edges. Uh-oh is that a cute and fresh little manicure being displayed too. I think so. She's so cute.

I did a trillion scarves when I was first learning to knit and I managed to make a couple of hats over the winter (only one hat and two scarves pictured because everything went to other people). All the hats I made were using Brown Sheep Co- Bulky Lambs Pride. The pattern is from the first Stitch in Bitch. It was the flame cap. The scarves are either garter stitch or seed stitch. The grey and the "army" print are ones I made for my Matty. The gray scarf is the first scarf I ever made. (Yes I know I need to vaccuum- Note: how pedicured toes match lovely model's manicured fingernails- work it gurl!)

Unfortunately, I made another mistake in the lace scarf I was knitting out of that Cherry Tree Hill yarn. I could let one mistake pass but I felt bad when it got to be more than one. I would show you a pic of the ripped out yarn but I'm STILL ripping it out. Who knew mohair blends were such a pain to rip-it really sucks-might be awhile before we see this scarf again.
I’m casting on for the Sweet Mary Janes- maybe tonight
No updated pictures of the pathetic sleeves for the charming zipped bolero jacket sweater thingie.I haven’t even hardly breathed in the direction of this projects in weeks-probably months. Shame.


Erica B. said...

That white dress is so cute! fantastic job.

Ninabeena said...

Thank you so much. I love you site by the way!

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