Tuesday, May 02, 2006

One post a month that is what I'm going for! Seriously though, things are starting to slow down so I should be able to get some serious knitting in. I can't wait for the plane ride to Hawaii. Talk about quality knitting time....
Today I sent out Matty's announcements over his commissioning and graduating. I am very proud of him. He has really been working his tail off these last years. Now it's all happening. I am throwing a lil shindig on the 20th in between his graduatin and commissioning. Supposedly I'll have the invites for those out by the end of this week. We leave for Hawaii on the 25th!!!!!!!!
Can you tell I'm excited?
Nevertheless, on the knitting news front I am knitting a scarf as abreak to the sweater. I'm using this really beautiful yarn my sister sent me last summer called Indian summer. The scarf is some easy lacy thingie. Soon I'll be able to post up at least one FO (finished object)...finally. ttyl

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