Thursday, November 30, 2006

How could I forget?

1. Running Scared- Another Paul Walker movie. This one was not very family friendly at all. It was violent and the characters were all kinda weird. Actually the characters were all kind of video game esque. The movie reminded me of Grand Theft Auto or something. It was a cross between that video game and Sin City the movie. That's what it reminded me of. It was rough and harsh but I actually liked it.
2. Casablanca- This movie is still good. I didn't realize how much I never picked up on when I was younger. There really is a lot going on in this movie and I just love that era of movie making anyway. Thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie again. The gun scenes were actually hilarious to watch this time around for some reason. i guess because to compare it to movies nowadays it was so...awkward, even the actors seem uncomfortable holding/using the guns-it was a big deal to have a gun pulled on you. Movies now it's almost like, "where are the guns?" Anyway, ya'll should rent an old will feel so good to watch it.
3. Before They Were Kings- Before they were kings some of these guys were boring. Take DAve Chappelle for instance...he seems reallyuncomfortable in front of the audience- Keenan Ivory Wayans was a yawn too surprisingly. I think a lot of it had to do with the type of audience too. The audience was pretty dry, it seemed like a lot of the comics were holding back or uncomfortable.
4. The Departed- I saw this movie in the theater. I have to agree with my buddy miah when he says he's "all about the Boston accent." The cast was a pretty stellar list of males. It's one of those movies that you have to watch a couple times to pick up everything from all the characters or at least I feel it is. It's like 12 Monkeys or Oceans 11 or The Thomas Crown Affair- you get it but you want to see it again to see how it's done...with eyes wide open because it's just so clever or shocking.

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Jeremiah said...

I had to write a report on Casablanca for my film history class. That was back when i was beginning to really watch movies. It was interesting to see the source for so many cultural references. Kinda like The Godfather - if you haven't seen it, you don't really get what people are talking about.

I might wanna catch Departed again - if only to study the accents. But it'll probably have to wait until DVD - there's plenty other theater releases i haven't seen yet. We need another 99-cent joint.