Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Movie Time

1. New World- It didn't rate well, but I liked it. There wasn't much dialog but I like it that way. The characters relate their affection for each other through touch and looks. It was kinda sexy...I'm just saying. What I didn't like was the orchestra selection (score) in the beginning & end. It sounds like a horrendous bunch of jumbled mess- especially on surround sound.
2. Take the Lead - Anyone seen Dangerous Minds, Stand and Deliver, Save the Last Dance, or any of those other dancing + rough side of tracks meets a more distinguished world type feel good movies?
3. Aquamarine- I was curious. It was a mistake
4. Click- Funny. Very predictable. The minute they showed him lounging on the bed in the beginning I started quoting BiggySmalls "It was all a dream..."
5. 8 Below- This movie is a yes for a couple of reasons...Paul Walker is hot. Might not be much of an actor but I can sure look at him. Puppies (actually dogs but they are beautiful and smart). Disney. If you rent this for your family it's a Bambi tear jerker dude. Boy those shorts are dangerously low...btw-neither of these pictures have anything to do with the movie. 8 Below is a nice wholesome movie.
6. ATL- From the previews I thought this was going to be Boyz n' da Hood, Jason's Lyric, ghetto love story rise above the odds material but it was actually a lot softer than that. The acting was ok- TI was actully alright, everyone else seemed to be really mediocre. Of course there is some rough neck in it but think more along the lines of "the Wood" or "Barbershop" than New Jack City.
7. Rumor Has It- I liked it. I must say that I want to like Jennifer Anistons movies sooo much, because I really like her but they usually leave me kinda like "blah, ok, alright".
8. Elizabethtown- this was a cute little movie. While I liked Orlando and Kirsten together, from the very beginning i thought "Tone it down girlfriend". WAAAY too peppy and a little odd. Nevertheless, I like the storyline and depiction of the family. It's humorous and I love the progress his character makes. I like the trip too (rent the movie if you're curious), I thought it was great closure.
9. Upside of Anger - I like this movie. There is soooo much implied but never said and I actually came to like it that way by the end of the movie. I kept thinking the big climax scene would be when all of the family secrets come out. It wasn't what I expected. As an aside, I've watched quite a few Kevin Cosnor movies (I think he's a really good actor who has picked some horrendous rolls -Postman or Waterworld anyone) and as a 1)young and 2) black female I have to say that there is just something appealing about good ol Kevin. I think he's sexy- he's not even that handsome but he's got the something about him factor. It's probably another reason why I liked Rumor Has It. He's in that one too. He's in a great scene with Joan Allen in the bedroom later in the movie. She locks herself in the bathroom....the delivery is priceless.
10. Prime- I liked this one too. The acting in this movie is well done. It's an interesting story; I was disappointed in the ending but it was still good. Bryan Greenberg does a good job in capturing the responsible but youthful/naive/inexperienced thing that a lot of us have going on when your the young-somewhat mature type and trying to come into your own. I've decided that I really like Uma too. Uma and Bryan- Uma and Meryl all have really good chemistry too.

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Jeremiah said...

Have you seen The Good Girl? I hear that's one of Aniston's better films, but i haven't had a chance to see it.

You're crushing me on the movie watching. I need to watch more. I should probably do Netflix or something.