Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back on post.

Boy have I not been good lately. Between the being sick and being out of town or having someone in town and trying to catch up from all of that my blog, life, emails, phone calls, work, laundry, knitting, myspace, bloglines, house have all been severely neglected. It's a wonder I put up the two measily post I did manage.
Nevertheless, I'm back now. I'm still answering zillions of emails, etc and trying to catch up on my bloglines. I am really touched that some of you guys reached out to me to make sure I was ok or just tell me you missed me. That meant alot. Thank you so much.
I have plenty to catch you all up on but I can tell u up front that I haven't gotten much knitting done at all. It's really quite terrifying. I guess in the end the word is that not everyone is getting a knitted gift for Christmas. :-(
I still need to finish the Danica scarf. Once I do that then I'll feel good to move on with life.
Tomorrow, I'll show you what was waiting for me on my door after the first time I went out of town to see my Mateo.

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