Saturday, November 25, 2006

Family Ties

My Thanksgiving was wonderful. I went to New Jersey to see my family. Most of my uncles and my grandmother live up there. I spent half my childhood there in BrownsMills. It's a tiny little town and everybody really does know everybody. Everyone has been living there for generations and even though it's kinda old and raggety sometimes, it's always home. I hadn't been there in ages yet I still felt that comforting feeling when we rode into the city. My heart swelled up. All those memories just flood you as you ride thru town. Hardly anything ever changes and if it does theres some town story that goes along with it. :-)
This is a picture of my brothers and sister. It would have been cool if our other sister was there too. Nevertheless, this was the crew and we sure did have a good time. Do notice the handknit socks my sister has on. You know she had to tell EVERYONE she knit them herself...:-) She's too cute....
(Left to right: Philip, me, Janet-aka Black Purl, Baby Glynn)
PS- I got some knitting done...I'll show you later.

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