Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More movies

1. Annapolis- I didn't find this believable enough and too many things reminded me of "An officer and a gentlemen." However, it was entertaining enough for me to keep watching. Also James and Tyrese are in really good shape. Tyrese, tyrese, Tyrese. I was glad to see it. :-0
2. Layer Cake- I was glad to see this too. (Can u tell my husband's been away too long- my hormones are out of control!) Nevertheless, I liked the movie (Layercake). The final outcome was pretty much what I expected but it sure was exciting getting there. If you don't like violence u won't like this btw. I can't wait to see the New 007 in Casino Royale . Think I'm going sometime this week or this weekend.
3. In Her Shoes- I liked this. It was a clever storyline and the characters carried it off. Toni Collette's face is a tricky one. Sometimes she looks like the extreme ugly duckling and then all of the sudden you wonder, "Is she actually attractive?" Tricky Tricky. Her teeth pretty much made me cringe the whole movie. It was good though, look past it- see the beauty within....
4. Some Like It Hot- I've been wanting to see this movie for a while. I really liked it. Dude, Marilyn Monroe was totally making out HARDCORE withTony Curtis on the boat. I had never seen a movie from that time period were the folks are just making out like that. Pretty much it was always the scrunched up face kisses and then the characters would retreat to different bedrooms in a respectable way. It was pretty amusing too. Tony and Jack dress up like chicks to hide from the mob. Sounds like the theme of a lot of modern day movies. It had a lot of good humor. I liked the closing line on the boat. "Nobody's perfect" Wow.
5. Chocolat- Good movie. Pretty entertaining, wish there were more Johnny it. Anybody notice the hot chocolate in this movie? It is like literal melted chocolate. Just think melted Godiva. Some of you chocoholics might just like the movie for the confectioners porn.
6. Captain Corelli's Mandolin- I liked the movie, I liked the love story, I liked relationship between the penelope and her father, there was just so much to like. I liked this movie. Knitpickings I did not like: I realize that for character and time period sake it made sense but Penelope sure does have a lot of underarm hair in the love scene. It just kind of jump up there and shocked me. BOO! lol
Oh, and Nicky Cage has a pretty horrible Italian accent then again anybody remember the horrible southern accent he had in ConAir? Boy o boy.
7. Finding Neverland - Did I mention that I love Johnny? I was terrified that the relationship was going to go wrong the whole time. This turned out to be a really sweet, great story. Thumbs up :-)
8. The Breakup- This didn't get good reviews either, people didn't like the ending. I thought the ending was fine. For some reason when the movie was out I caught one of those Thumbs up/Thumbs down type shows and they were going on and on about how obnoxious Vince was, that the story was ridiculous, etc etc etc. I personally found the movie entertaining. In the beginning scene I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the singing brother. There was some laugh out loud humor and some funny entertainment but then they brought it around to the seriousness and drama of things. I thought it was well done. It was a Jennifer Aniston movie that I didn't go away with the "well, ok, alright" feeling...
9. Casanova- I think Heath Ledger is a really good in this genre/time period of film. A lot of his stuff is Shakespherian or medival with a modern day twist. Suits him well. This movie was so clever and had those little humorous punches. I'm not mad at you Heath.
10. A Beautiful Mind- Oh how I wanted everyone else to be proven wrong in this movie. I just wouldn't liet myself believe it for like the whole first half. This was an interesting movie. What a story. Jennifer Connelly looked great in this movie. I found myself thinking what does she even see in this guy in the first place...maybe she's a spy. Too much ALIAS for me!


Anonymous said...

Two kudos for using the term confectioners porn.

Jeremiah said...

Two kudos for using the term confectioners porn.