Thursday, November 30, 2006

Enough Already

1. The Island- Not as bad as I had previously believed it would be. Alright plot and clever twist in the typical storyline. It's not a waste but it's not a must- see if ya know what I mean. Anyway, this was pretty much my first time taking a look at Scarlett Johanson. I usually don't buy into the whole blonde hair, blue eyes=beauty thing but that girl is lovely. Her voice is surprising gruff in this movie...wasn't expecting that. Will see her in other things soon to form an opinion.
2. Shopgirl- This was an unexpected story. It was somewhat slow and it was weird seeing Steve Martin be a love interest and....starring in a movie with such mature content. It was totally different from anything I'd seen him in prior. Oh, it just hit me why this movie is so weird. Me and a girlfriend rented Pink Panther. I couldn't even sit thru half of it. It was horrendous. Huge contrast in movies.
3. The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio-
This movie....hmmm. It was so clever and there were several things that I could pick out of it that I thought were interesting. I liked the way they tied the jingles in, showing how maybe they were developed from the Ryan family history. I thought the depiction of "don't cry over spilled milk" was stellar. I don't know, this movie did something for me but did nothing for me...I know confusing. I guess I just get irritated with movies where the characters are so clever yet so dumb without proper explanation. I need to understand why the character makes silly choices despite how smart they're suppose to be. I don't know....check it out for yourselves
4. Proof - Once I saw this movie and decided that I liked it I thought I had to see A Beautiful Mind because in my mind (since I hadn't seen it) maybe this was the same movie. I was wrong. Two totally different movies. Both good. This one's quirky and I found myself irritated a lot. For someone so smart these people sure put up and allow a lot of stupid crap. Her sister would have started the movie out with a good slap in the face...silly writers.
5. The Pink Panther- Don't do it even if you think you can.
6. Polyanna- My boss is always referring to me as Pollyanna and told me I should rent the old original if I really wanted to see why. It had the chick from the Parent Trap (Hayley Mills) in it. I was excited once I found that out. What a splendid little movie. I actually really enjoyed it and it broke my heart when Pollyanna tried to climb back into her window....and to my boss; it never hurts to be grateful, thank you very much.
7. Friends with Money- Slow, long, drawn out. I was continuously waiting for something in all of the characters to develop....the development was dumb, the ending was dumb. Of course me being me could pick out some elements I enjoyed about it. There was a little humor and irony but when it was over I felt like I wasted my time. Why Jennifer? Why?

I don't know, it feels like I'm forgetting a couple. I'll have to go back through the receipts


Nik said...

I actually loved Shop Girl for its quirkiness. I found myself getting angry at the character Steve Martin played in that role...I wanted him to be the good guy in this and fall for her and sweep her off her feet.

Ninabeena said...

I know me too. I thought he would get over his connection issues and they would survive. Instead Mr. Goofy ended up getting the girl but I think they did a good job in evolving his character by the end.

Jeremiah said...

Yeah, Scarlett Johansson is definitely on the nice tip. And she's extra done-up in The Island. Another movie i liked with her was Match Point. It's a great story, and i loved the British locales and wardrobe.

Weren't feelin Panther, huh? It was definitely supposed to be stupid. But there were some gems in there.