Monday, February 05, 2007

Darnyarnit! Crazy Colorful yarn store

I’ve been trying to get myself acclimated to living down here. Two Monday’s ago I went to my first knitting group meeting. There was a good amount of people there. I was the youngest person there (and I ain’t that young) but I still had a blast.
Knitting just gives you something in common with everyone no matter how old or young you are. I thought it was pretty cool actually. Besides, some of those old ladies are ‘bout it.
Last week we took a trip over to Darlene’s Knit Shop over in Opelika, Alabama. I know what you're thinking and yes, I live in Georgia. Alabama is literally 5 minutes down the street though. As a matter of fact I accidentally drove to Alabama just a couple weeks ago trying to get to Ft. Benning. I have to admit I was a little terrified and almost had a panic attack for a minute. My grandparents warned me about Alabama and Mississippi. And I know ya’ll have seen Mississippi Burning. I was exposed to that at a very young and tender age….Anyway, no worries, I got a hold of myself and exited Alabama safely..,Lol
I had a fantastic time at Darlene’s store. The ladies I went with were a crack up and just a blast to hang out with. Iactually probably like my old ladies more than the young wives group I've been attending weekly! Anyway, back on track, the store was full of color and excitement. Darlene had plenty of personality and she opened her shop specifically just for our group (15 of us and that was b/c there were only 15 slots and we were the swiftest 15!). She sat out hors d'uveres and everything. Darlene invented a technique that her and her daughter call con-cording; she gave us a demonstration of the technique. It was intriguing stuff. We definitely all felt like a VIP’s.

I got some sock yarn to knit my sockret pal’s socks and of course some for myself. I also got a little sumtin’ sumtin’ for my pal 9 who I severely neglected through the exchange and some size 1 double pointed needles for myself. I’ll definitely go back Darlene’s again. She carries a whole rack of stuff (a lot of novelty) but I’m mostly interested in her Cascade, Debbie Bliss, and Karabella stuff- not that I’ve used any of it before but I hear it's good and she sure does have a lot of those brands.
Anyway, the hospitality and service was awesome, the prices were “fair enough” and I had a blast. Oh and here's my sock yarn...SWTC Tofutsies, supposedly it has shellfish matter included that make the yarn naturally antibacterial. I'm guessing that's a clever thing for sock yarn.


Anna said...

That yarn shop trip is too funny! Have you been through The Knit Shop in Montgomery? It's down the street from my undergrad alma matter, ASU. I never went there when I was a student because I wasn't a knitter then.

I feel the same way about my knitting group too. Them old ladies are too funny at times! Cute pics of you and your hubby near the Tofutsies! :-D

amanda said...

Thanks for your comment about my Sahara!

Cute wedding pics in the background there :)