Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Away message

I'm actually in VA this week visiting. It's been really nice. I'm enjoying myself. It was nice to see my friends and fam. I'm thinking about staying an extra week and maybe going to see my family in New Jersey....we'll see about it all.
Just wanted to drop in and say hey and I haven't fallen off...I'm just away.
I should be adding a review for 300 and for Babel eventually. I've seen both while being here.
In knitting news I finished and gifted the dreamswatch scarf. I've been working on my secret pal socks and they look aweful. You know it's bad when people who don't knit ask"Dang, what size foot does the person have that you're knitting that for?" I'm probably going to rip it all out and just knit up some maryjanes for the poor girl. I can do that fast and I they will look nice.

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blackpurl said...

I'm sure your pal's socks are fine...any chance you'll post a pic?