Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I see you windin’ and movin’ up on the floor…

Yeah, I’m winding it up but I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT! j/k

My sockret pal doesn’t have a ball winder of her own so I figured I’d be nice and wind it up for her. It’s probably my own guilt since she came “this close” to me picking up some Lion Brand magic stripes and shooting it over to her- lol.
Again, j/k.
I did get the pleasure of letting the yarn run through my hands one more time while watching it’s beautiful colorway form this lovely center pull cake.
Love love love.
I’m thinking about throwing in my rosewood double points that I just bought. I really feel like it would disappoint Ms. Emerald otherwise. I mean I did kinda tell her it was her luxurious destiny. I mean a gal’s gotta live.
BTW, here’s are the ridiculous socks that I started to knit. I’ve ripped back the heel and about an 1-1/2 – 2 inches of the monstrosity of a sock. I think I’m just going to start on the Mary janes tonight. I could have them finished by tomorrow and mail her package by the end of the week. I’m down to the wire now….maybe I’ll still send her the finished socks once I get the hang of them because I am actually still intrigued with knitting them.

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