Friday, March 23, 2007

Soon as i get home

1. I will be up in the gym just a workin' on my fitness.
2. I will get a part time job.
3. I will go grocery shopping for "clean" food and get back on the diet tip.
4. I will post some pictures of what i've been up to.
5. I will get back to blogging (I know you guys have missed me:-)

BTW, I started knitting a clapotis for myself while me and my sister get together what yarn we are going to knit one for my grandmother. I had some Bullfrogs and butterflies yarn in the color tuscany in my stash that was begging to become something more than a yarn cake.

1 comment:

Anna said...

I hope you've enjoyed spending time with the fam. I went thru VA once, to a tiny placed called Staunton, and it was gorgeous!!!

I feel you about the physical fitness thing. The weather is FINALLY starting to get halfway decent around here. I miss my morning jogs around the 'hood (gyms just don't do it for me, gotta get fresh air when I exercise)!

You'll love your clapotis. I wore mine at the reception to my bro's wedding, to work, shoot, just about anywhere! :-D