Monday, March 05, 2007

Tornado and movie update

I didn't list movies last week. Guess I was too busy gawking at all the damage the tornado did around here in Columbus. Thankfully we didn't have any damage personally but all around us looked like some bizarre scene from the Wizard of Oz with uprooted houses and blown off roofs. On the night of the storm we were coming back from dinner (we'd already spent most of the evening locked in the mall due to tornado warnings) and couldn't use our exit because the highway signs and trees were down. When we rode into town it was PITCH BLACK- no store shops lights, no street lights, no traffic lights. Bizarre. Anyway, back on track movie post coming up!

16. Must Love Dogs- “One romantic comedy/drama starring John Cusack coming up! Is that made to order? No, it just comes like described here under typical romantic comedy
A mixture of the romance and comedy genres, this genre normally features stories involving two people who meet and have an attraction, but normally come into some kind of problem disallowing them to be together. The films involve light-hearted, humorous plots that end up with the two characters together.
Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t not enjoy the movie and there were cute things to remember it by but on the other hand…it’s all been done before, it all ends the same way they have before etc etc. I can’t help to feel like I’m watching the same movie over and over again especially since John is in it--boy this whole review seems like DejaVu.

17. Cars – There were so many cute things about this animation. I picked this as my recommendation of the week because I was so pleasantly surprised. I loved this movie! It was funny. It was well done. It was family oriented but really clever content for adults too. It was a lot lighter than a lot of the other movies I’d been watching which really fried my brain. I laughed out loud and I liked the whole cars as people concept of the movie. It was just good wholesome fun to watch. You find yourself really rooting for Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson). The characters and their relationships were very well developed for an animation too. It’s a must see for young and old. I really enjoyed watching this one. Plus you got Larry the Cable Guy in there as the good 'ol boy truck Mater- pretty funny/cute stuff.

18. Firewall- All I could think the whole movie is just how old Harrison Ford looked. Someone tell the man he shouldn’t do anymore action thrillers. There were several parts in the movie that were just laughable- and this wasn’t no comedy folks! The whole storyline is just kinda missing something to make it click. I didn’t feel a connection to any of the characters I didn’t really have much empathy for the hostaged family or for the crooks. Nothing made me want to hold on and watch. Soon I resolved to just let the movie play in the background to my knitting because some of it was just down right annoying. Oh Harry, I’m so sorry. We’ll always have The Fugitive and Indiana Jones.

19. Black Dahlia- I loved the look of this movie. It was set in the 30/40’s and looks so old town Hollywood. It plays out like the old 40’s mystery movies do too from frame to frame. Something you don’t see much of these days which I thought was clever and added flavor to the movie. I The movie really did keep me on the edge of my seat –once it got going. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t slow but it was a little while before you got to really connect the dots of all the characters in the story and how maybe they would play into each other. I kept wondering “What’s his/her motivation?” throughout the movie for the different characters. You want to solve the mystery. Some of the scenes with the body and the murder are pretty morbid so be warned. The whole movie is adult content so be warned. Scarlett Johanson was in this one and as I said before I’m trying to gauge whether or not I’m excited about her acting or not. Classic Hollywood looks great on her though. Hartnett was strapping as well, I've seen quite a bit with him in it and I think I really like him. He's a sleeper; one of those you know of but underestimate you know?

20. Wild Hogs- Very cute middle aged man movie. Lol. j/k…kinda. I mean it was all very cute, slapstick type humor. I went to go see this in the movie theatre with my in-laws. It was the perfect type of movie for such an event. I will say that ending that play while the credits are rolling was in my opinion one of the funniest parts of the whole movie.


Anonymous said...

"MUST LOVE DOGS" actually stars DIANE LANE !!!

John Cusack is in it but DIANE LANE is THE star !

Ninabeena said...

k, i guess her character was more clever than most in this roll. She did a good job and John did a good job too. Just tired of John in this same roll; honestly he looks tire of it too!

Anna said...

I love your movie reviews. I've got the Black Dahlia up next on my Netflix list and I can't wait to see it.

LOL about Harrison Ford, he's definitely getting up there in age!