Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Run just as fast as I can...

… to the middle of no where, to the middle of my frustrated fears…..

Four straight days of running, two more to go!
I had actually only planned on running 5 days a week but Matty talked me into going to run with him on Sunday after I got back. We’ve only been running two miles a day so its not that hard on my legs/knees/feet or anything. That being said today was an awful running day. My head just wasn’t in it. I kept stopping. I didn’t eat or drink enough. It was quite hot. What else could I possibly throw out there as an excuse? Not to mention that I've been harassing the gyms around here but NO ONE is responding. I was suppose to have a meeting with one girl today and she never came back from her lunch break for 3 hours. I was then suppose meet with the assistant manager but he stayed on the telephone for almost half an hour. The girl at the front desk asked me to come back for a third time later this evening.....think I'll apply at a couple of other places tomorrow, check the status of my other applications and if I get nothing come back to them. I guess this is the point where I need to think of something I'm grateful for because I've had quite the stupid day and can feel myself getting into the "I moved to Georgia blues." least I still have a yoga session and weights to recover with and I sure am glad that a "bad day" for me these days consists of me getting out of bed after 8:00 under no dire time constraint, straightening up my lovely apartment, doing laundry that consists of an abundance of hot fashion and finally having a crummy run in sunshining weather with an array of lovely birds chirping my own personal rendition of zippity do da. What I really should have done today during my run was stop and smell the guess I really need to get a grip.
I've had MUCH worse days than this and other people definately have it worse than me. Ok, I'm getting over myself....

Moving on, I’m still getting the food thing in order a bit but it’s going good. So this is what I’ve done this week exercise wise and this is what I plan to do:

Monday- am -2 mile run
pm – circuit weight/cardio session

Tuesday- am – 2 mile run
pm – 20 minutes of yoga and abs

Wednesday - 2 mile run
pm – circuit weight/cardio session

Thursday - 2 mile run
pm – yoga and abs

Friday- am – 2 mile run
pm- circuit weight/cardio session

Hopefully I'll get another crack at it all tomorrow


Jeremiah said...

Why do you have to apply to a gym? I thought they were glad to take anybody's money.

PurlyQueen said...

Greetings from the UK. Love your blog! I am also a gym bunny but nowhere near as dedicated as you!

Ninabeena said...

Hey purlyqueen! Thanks for stopping by. No worries. I just started to get back onto the fitness horse and am taking it one day at a time.
Jerry I was applying at the gyms for jobs not to