Friday, July 20, 2007

So anyway

When Matty and I went to our baseball games way back when we also visited Strings and strands in Atlanta.
I got three vintage pattern books there--wait b/4 I go into all that let me just say that Strings and Strands was a cool store they had lots of variety and a whole room of clearance items. In that room is were I found a whole bin of vintage pattern books but since poor Matty had already been there for quite some time I just took the best three that I has skimmed through (out of lets say 8-10 I had picked up out of the first pile of books/mags) Of course I'll take pictures of some of the awesomely great and awesomely horrendous things I found in them later and post them up. That in itself was just way cool. Yep there's the picture to ur left. My cute little books- actually they are as big as Rowan books but anyway...
I had a really hard time at this store just because of the discount room. I just didn't have enough time to agonize over which things I really wanted and such so I ended up leaving things. I totally regret not buying more of the incredible deals/steals they had to offer. I did pick up this bag of peachy cotton yarn for $21. It's 7 skeins of NAIF (German) 100% cotton which equals 637 yds of yarn. I really wanted to make one of those nifty little Turtleneck tube vest from Fitted Knits. I'm worried I won't have enough yarn. I'm absolutely the person to think I have enough yarn and run out...and guesswhat? Can't reorder this stuff- nevertheless I'll find something great to do with it because I love the color and the sheen that it has.

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anna said...

That yarn looks yummy!!! I've heard nothing but good things about virtually all the yarn shops in ATL, so you couldn't have done wrong if you tried; LOL!!! Love those pattern books. Often times, they're fantastic treasure troves of ideas for future projects. :-D