Thursday, July 12, 2007

Can u believe

I went to NYC- yarn store heaven and did not make it to a yarn store? I met my good friend Teenie there for a girls weekend. We pretty much just ate, danced (mainly salsa), shopped, and visited some tourist spots like Grand Central Station, Hudson River dock- I got my nose peirced in Greenwich Village. We went to the wax museum. I got a Frauda/Prada bag etc. We really just hung out and had an awesome time

When I returned home I decide to get a wickedly disgusting cold, so really this is my first week back really. What a week. I checked my bloglines and my life was just out of control on there seriously. Furthermore I discovered that I have 14 subscribers to my blog (that I hadn't updated in ages) How freaking exciting. Makes a sista want to step it up a little more
When I checked my email I also was pleasantly surprised by a Ravelry invite. Woohoo!!!! Now to just get my site and blog updated, all my emails read, and All my bloglines subscriptions read--I subscribe to almost 150. I guess that's what I get for being so nosy...
O and I've seen some really good movies too. I've got a stock built up of reviews for you guys. I've also seen Mr. Brooks (which I actually really liked), DieHard4 (plenty of action), and Transformers (you know I'm all about it wouldn't mind paying to see it in the theatre a 2nd time)
I'll post up some of the movies I've got stored up but after than I promise some actual knitting content or at least pictures of new stash

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