Thursday, July 12, 2007


26. Accepted- Sitting through all the previews before this movie I really started to dread what
I was to come in contact with but I found the movie refreshing actually. I thought it was a great satirical comedy (is that an oxymoron?). More than anything I viewed it as poking a big joke at how serious and crazy and important people make college for their kids. To the point that the pressure is unbelievable for some. While it’s meant to be one of those Van Wilder/National Lampoons type movies it comes off a lot milder and I would even say cuter than some of those raunchier college comedies. I think the movie makes several valid points in very clever ways. I found it amusing and Justin Long was unexpectantly cute as a button too. He’s pretty cute in the new DieHard as well.

27. All the Kings Men- Drama drama drama. So good though. Long but really good. Sean Penn and Jude Law. They were freaking awesome in this movie. Dude, Jude Law he’s a sleeper. The guy is a pretty good actor and really brings it to the table. Cold mountain, Enemy at the Gates, Road to Perdition, Closer, The Aviator just to name a few. I’ve been really surprised at how well he’s been able to disguise his accent. Same for when he did Cold Mountain- anyway this story is complex and well done. At the end you totally know what is going to happen but you are still on the edge of you seat waiting, needing to see how it all plays. Everyone gives a tight performance- did I mention Anthony Hopkins is in there? Yes folks, he’s in there with the rest of the perfectly air tight cast. This made me feel like I got my money’s worth after Crank. Holla at ur girl b/c this is my pick of the week.

28. Idlewild- Very creative. I enjoyed watching this just for the creativity it embodied. Some things about the storyline were assumable but I forgive them because it was so creatively executed. I will say that this movie reminded me of Belly. Belly seemed like a long music video shoot to me at the time. Idlewild had it’s moments where I was waiting for the video information to flash up after they completed their song and dance. Nevertheless, it was entertaining and I definitely didn’t feel sorry I rented it.

29. Fever Pitch- A cute little movie! I thought Drew and Jimmy had great chemistry and the cute little story worked well. It was entertainment and I enjoyed it. Nothing spectacular just typical; in a nice sort of way you don’t even have to think about. Sometimes that’s nice.

30. Bee Season- Such an interesting and different movie. The whole movie is haunted by the audience knowing something is really wrong with the whole family but never being able to pinpoint exactly what. There’s a whole mystic overtone too. Don’t know about that…Veered!

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anna said...

Oooh, I love the movie reviews! I watched Idlewild in the theater and it was great, Fever Pitch was definitely a cute movie too. I'll have to check out All the Kings Men and Accepted.