Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More on my Vintage Finds

Last year when I found some awesome vintage knitting books at a yarn store in Atlanta I never got to posting about them in detail and always really wanted to because I thought they were just so cool. I wanted to share some of what I found in these books. I think I'll do it over a couple of posts so it's not beyond ridiculous with all the pictures. Remember the Good Housekeeping Complete book of Needlecraft I found? Well it had some pretty cool information in it; some techniques that maybe all the knitters but me already knew but became so clearly explained to me in this book. Along with some gems of knowledge came some pretty classic patterns. standard baby wrap sweater (kimono) and top down sweater in the round.

but look at this neat reversible baby jacket and argyle booties

I don't know if I'm catching the baby bug or what but I thought what cute and practical little baby items that never look stupid. I would totally knit these for my own baby. I also liked these child mittens and another babyset

I don't know about actually doing the boy/girl design on top but I like the style of the mittens. There were several other items in the book as well for the whole family. Here are some of my other favorites. It was like flipping through a completely practical list of things you have (essentials) to knit before you move on to knitting what you want to knit.


Jeremiah said...

So... sepia photo effect? Or is it really that old?

Ninabeena said...

No it's really that old. I don't have the books with me now but some of them are from the early 50's

Jeremiah said...


Jeremiah said...

Vintage video game junk: