Saturday, March 01, 2008

Call on Jesus

Yesterday I went to Union Station in DC for the first time. It was awesome. Do I dare to tell y'all that it was better than Grand Central Station in NYC. I guess I do because it was. I forgot to take pics though I had my camera with me. I will have to go back. This time I went to meet Lissy there to have lunch. I got there about an hour late even though I left an hour early. I have probably driven to DC on my own twice and I got the lamest directions I could have possibly gotten to make it there. Next thing I know I'm in Maryland somewhere. Thanks very much to the ladies at the Jesus Christ bookstore for printing off new directions for me to make it. They were awesome. I had just about given up when the sign for the Jesus bookstore shone like a beacon in a foreign land…my thought was surely they'll be willing to help and certainly I won't have to worry about getting sliced up at the Jesus bookstore.


The Mad Crocheter said...

Union Station is seriously cool! Actually I really liked all of DC, but I've only really visited the touristy parts.

Anonymous said...

peppermintstix here:

Careful in those jesus stores. They may not slice you up but they will pray you down. ;)

Ninabeena said...

I've been quite a few places in DC but I usually don't drive myself. I think I will resort to old school in the future and just take the Metro