Monday, March 03, 2008

Mine as well face it I’m addicted to yarn..

sangin' "Mine as well face it I'm addicted to yarn…."

Clearly I can't be too ashamed of all my recent yarn purchases because I still have a mind to buy more. There are a couple of projects that I want specific yarn to knit with and not compromise. I bought myself one ball of Rowan calmer yarn back in the day when I saw the yarn harlot in Atlanta. Now I want to knit Hike out of Rowan mag #37. It requires like 11 or 13 balls. That's well over a hundred bucks for a sweater and I would have to sew in a zipper (not a good look). Also, I know that Universal tunic from this past Knitscene would be looking mighty fine too. I want to try the yarn they're hollerin' about in the pattern because I've heard good things about it. At least that yarn isn't too far off the charts in affordability (I found it for $4.99 at Royal Yarns online).

Then I've got all these other yarns that I'm constantly hearing about that I'm actually thriving to try out (but won't be because a sister does not have ends like that).

  1. Dream in color smooshy,
  2. Malabrigo,
  3. Sundara (never gonna happen)
  4. Scout's swag yarn.

I already know that Lisa Souza is no joke because I bought it for one of my swap partners a while back and almost couldn't give it up. Anyway, I know what I can afford though and that is $8.50. (I spend that at Panera in a day and I could definitely go without that for at least a day)Anyway, that's how much it costs to sample four yarns a month from the Yarn a Month club. I tell you what else doesn't sound bad either is a 6 month or one year subscription to Elann's little yarn sampling operation because I think the bottom line of all of this is I'M ADDICTED TO YARN. I had managed my addiction quite well for some time but now that there's a little extra $$ up in this mickieflick and no supervision…you know the rest.

I think a sister has some things to think about….


Christie said...

Well, with the Calmer you could try to find it on eBay for cheaper! I want to make Hike too...I've had my eye on that sweater for a long while now. I'm considering subbing yarn tho...

Ninabeena said...

Hmmm, I have now officially started my ebay search for Calmer. I know I won't knit the sweater for some time but it can't help to hold it in the stash can it?