Sunday, February 05, 2006

Y'all I don't know if I did it wrong or if blogger is having trouble or what. My little buttons for the knitalongs I just joined don't seem to be working out. Let me know if you click on the buttons and it connects you someplace random on blogger.
Anyhoo, I am casing on SuperBowl Sunday! It should be pretty relaxing to sit and knit today. Maybe it will get me in the zone for my usual crazy week ahead. I'm starting the fur collared --not fur collared jacket from last spring Knit! magazine. It's the bolero thingy I referred to on my first post. I'm knitting it with out the fun fur collar.

Well it has been two days and my legs are still sore and killing me. It's a good feeling yet still painful all the same. :-) Hopefully it will end up all being worth it. I'm sure one day you all will zip past my blog and this hot chick will be posted up there - it will be me! Yeah!

I'm sure I'll keep all posted on how the knitting goes.

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