Thursday, February 16, 2006

Yet another post without pictures...
I definately need to put some up of myself. The gym has been going incredibly well. I am just full of energy these days. I feel strong and motivated. I still haven't stepped on the scale for fear of disappointment. I'm even scared of weighing myself at the end/beginning of the month. I've really been busting my arse and eating a good diet. To tell the truth I would be devastated to find out that after a month there have been no changes after all my hard work. That is the trouble with losing weight. You have to be patient.
I'm totally stressing on the inside over this b/c I feel like things are looking better- (my little biceps are starting to pop out) but I don't know that they are. And yes--yadda yadda yadda, about the whole "you can't rely solely on the scale especially when your lifting weights; go by how your clothes fit", blah-blah-blah. That doesn't really detour me away from looking at the scale folks. Let's just be real. I ( and probably half of all the other women trying to lose weight) WANT TO SEE THE SCALE MOVE! Seeing your clothes fit differently is nice and rewarding in itself- there's nothing like going to the store to buy a smaller size or taking your measurements and realizing that if you knit yourself a sweater you'll have to wear a M instead of a L. Still to see the numbers go down... Lawd, have mercy- to see the numbers go down; it's like relief, fulfillment, excitement, satisfaction, accomplishment and twenty other things I'm not going to be able to explain adequately. After knowing one number on the scale for so long and then see a different number it's like "Dude, I'm a different person now". Peeling the numbers off is like peeling off the person I always knew I could be to me personally.There's so much more hope in it.
LOL...I can only imagine what a little goober you guys must think I am with my little weightloss blurbs! Deal with it...I just can't help my crazy self. Enough weightloss philosophy for the day. Maybe I'll actually post some knitting tomorrow!


Black Purl said...

Hey..I will drop by the pattern. When are you going to post some pictures? I want to see how the sweater is coming along!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're doing everything needed to make the changes you want. More power to you, keep it up, you inspire more people than just yourself....keep it up!!