Tuesday, February 14, 2006

One of the THOSE blogs

I haven't worked on my sweater much lately. I've been quite busy these days. I have about a ton of excuses. Laundry, the gym, cleaning, cooking, work...etc etc. the typical stuff. I am hoping to get some done tonight. I've got like 1 1/2 more inches to finish the back and then I can cast on the two front panels. I wonder how long they will take? I guess this is only my 2nd week knitting it. I'm being kind of impatient.

I have just been itching to post up some type of progress pictures on my blog. I LOVE to look at blogs with lots of pictures and I didn't want to post a message without one but I've been wanting to post so I've had this huge ordeal over it. I finally broke down and decided to post WITHOUT ANY PICTURES! I'm sorry. I hate being one of those all talking text only sites but this seems to be what will become of me if I don't do more knitting. I could take pictures of myself in my new exercise clothes(hehe). When I went to the gym I was strutting my stuff like a diva. I looked good too (so there).

I haven't weighed myself all month but I feel like I am making progress. I've been making good food choices and sticking to exercise. I just added some morning cardio to my routine so this should really make a difference. I've decided I am going to run a race in April. I would actually like to do one in every month starting in April and finishing in September. I'm not talking marathons here but maybe 5K, 8K, 10K, 10 miler. Maybe the final whopper can be a half marathon. I was going to do the Richmond SunTrust 8K this past year but I had all kinds of drama pop up and didn't do it. Last year I started this journey and this year I want to finish it. This is my year. My 26th birthday will really be something to celebrate and a feeling of accomplishment. That's what I truly want and I'm on the path to get it.


YarnB said...

Good for you on your discpline and weight loss. You are motivating. I lost a lot last year and lately I am gaining it back and very upset about it! So I am starting on a new plan today. But I keep saying that and cheating. Keep writing about it on your blog and keep up the good work! I should sit and make some goals for myself in writing in a journal. That always helps me and writing down what I eat and exercise. I just need to get motivated!!! It has been a lifelong struggle for me. Lisa

Ninabeena said...

Thank you so much for commenting. That motivates me to know that someone is out there listening.
This has been a long hard journey for me. I don't know if anyone loves food as much as I do. So in saying that I know that if I can do this ANYBODY can do it.
I fell off pretty bad around Thanksgiving and Christmas time. I didn't gain any weight but I didn't improve either. When the New Year hit I kept doing the Monday promise. Finally I really got tough with myself and said "Stop talking about it and be about it-this has been years of your life girlfriend!" So now I'm back on it and determined to finish.
I really hope you start your plans back up soon too. Let me know, we can be little buddies.