Saturday, February 24, 2007

Temptation: a fact of life

My pal noted some yarn on her blog a while back so I decided to check it out. Boy does that girl have good taste! I check out Lisa Souza’s site and was so excited over all the great yarn and beautiful colorways she had to offer at not so bad prices (especially considering the yardage you get)

I ordered a special colorway just for her but when it got here, boy was it hard to do the right thing. The yarn is beautiful and I want it for me, myself. It needs to be mine; living here with me, basking in the beautiful wonderland I keep for all my sock yarns…
Would it be such a bad life to bask in the shade with other breathtakingly stunning yarns living an elite life, collected and relaxed until the day you were summoned to glide over brand new rosewood double pointed needles

and manipulated into a luxurious garment perfectly tailored for finely lotioned then delicately powdered manicured feet?

You see,I would do you right, I'd treat you so good if only you would just stay with me...PLEEEEZE don't go; say you'll stay with me forever---er, sorry-lost my mind for a minute
Look at this, you know…you go in intending to do something nice but then it backfires. Why o why o why o why o why o why?!

BTW, I placed the order at 5:15pm on Thursday evening and at 5:20 Lisa emailed me to let me know she processed the order and would have it out to me the next day. I got the yarn Saturday….homegirl was not messing around over there; she has my business that is FOR SURE


Jeremiah said...

You are some kinda geek.

Anna said...

Lisa is no joke!!! I have some of her Lime N Violet colorways and aside from the way she does business, her yarn alone would keep me coming back. I'll have to post a few photos of the stuff I've got. I love her stuff, you're not wrong for wanting to keep that yarn! Go back and stock up for yourself, girlfriend! :-)