Monday, June 12, 2006

Couple things-none knitting related....

* Aeon Flux only somewhat entertaining and not my favorite movie

* Pho Saigon just simply yummy and delightful. Mmmm mmm good. Quickly becoming one of my favorites. Beef is good but I've actually started to get the chicken and it is incredible.

And here is a couple of things about me:

* If you send me a message I may use lots of exclamation points because I really am just that excited.

* I'm pretty easy going; some may think I'm high maintenance but really it's the little things that please me.


Auntie Amanda said...

Wanted to leave you a little comment to let you know i was here! I am so envious of your Hawaii vacation! You and the 'honeybunches' make a lovely couple!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!

Black Purl said...

hey, I am back...LOVE the pictures!!!!Tell Matt we are excited for him!!!!Miss you guys

Ninabeena said...

thanks everyone for the comments on the pics. I will be posting up a few more whenever I post again.
blk prl, good to "see" u again, glad hubby is back I know u & the boys must be elated.