Sunday, June 25, 2006

Never made it to the yarn store in Maryland. My manicure and pedicure ended up taking forever and by the time we left we were already cutting it close.
It took almost 2 hours to get there b/c of traffic so we didn't go. It was still an awesome weekend. My friend placed 2nd in the figure competition (short class). Honestly she was robbled. Well she wasn't robbed but she should have got first. The girl who won actually won her pro card last year but turned it down so she could still compete in this division (how weaksauce is that?). In my biased but very accurate opinion she still didn't look good enough to be Teenie. The crowd was displeased but all of us were/are still VERY proud of her.
The "pro" was sweatin' bullets there for a little while too, she even came up to Teeny after she had already been such a snitty hooch and was like, "wow, I have to say you look really good etc etc."
Anyway, nevertheless, Teeny did awesome especially for her first competition ever. This show was actually a very good and accredited natural amatuer competition too. We had done our homework at some other poorly ran and poorly organized events. What a difference!
I am just very proud of my little homie. Maybe it will be me on stage next year....gotta stop eating so horrendously first!

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