Friday, June 16, 2006

Have you ever had the inkling that no matter how much you give, some people will always want more? It's like when you're dating, people want to know when you're getting married, when you get married they wanna know when are the kids on and so forth.

I grew up not having a lot and appreciating the little things. Even now the greatest gifts to me are the ones that take thought and time. Those things seem more valuable to me than spending loads of money. This could very well be the reason why knitting/crocheting appeals to me so much; these are things created from my being. My personal minutes and hours of my thoughts, prayers, hopes, frustrations. (If any of you ever receive a knitted gift from me know that you share a very special part of me..) Ok I'm going off on a rant.

I got into that trying to make the point that the people that always request more no matter how much or how little one gives will NEVER be satisfied. It also has dawned on me that these same people can never take a step back and see how blessed and how much a head above the rest they are in the world b/c they are constantly focused on what is not being done and what could be better. It's a pattern to be sad over b/c a lot of joy and good times can be destroyed or missed by focusing in on small flaws. Everyone knows by now that life isn't perfect but man almost perfect ain't bad.


Glaistig said...

Those are truly words of wisdom. Yes, why focus on small flaws? (And, believe me, I am so-o guilty of this myself. . . . ) Life's too short.

Ninabeena said...

I think it is easy for us all to lose sight of the big picture at times, still nevertheless, I wish we could all remember more. I try to take it in as a lesson to not let these things define who I am and my character as a person. The other part to that is, "just b/c I do that doesn't mean it's a rule of thumb for everyone else!"