Friday, June 23, 2006


My secret sistah friend HOOKED ME UP. I hope I can show all the wonderful things she sent. Of course blogger wants to have a spasm fit when I've got something important to say. First off, I must say that it made my day to find a package waiting on my door when I got home from lunch yesterday. I thought about recreating it all so everyone could react along with me as they read but some how I refrained. I'm sure my husband would have made even more fun of me than he already does for being a 25 year old knitter- I keep telling him "knittin' ain't just for grandmas"...I digress.
First off she sent me these personally hand made stitch markers. They are beautiful. The pictures do them no justice. They are just way too cool!
She sent me this book full of patterns for unusual but practical and easy to knit entertainment. The book was mixed in with my very first stash of fabric for sewing.
Now I have zero excuses. I actually can't wait to get my dining rm table set up to sew this week. I'm just going to do it (like Nike you know?) You see there, all that fabric to sew, you see it? Awesome. I also received two different types of sock yarn in an assortment of blue colorway (love love love) and do you see over there? My secret pal sent me Lion brand because she knew I would appreciate it and I'm not yarn snob. I don't discriminate (I like them black, white, puerto rican or haitian...-just a little background hip hop for ya...:-) Others would call it ghetto knitting but I prefer equal opportunist knitting myself, Thank you very much.
Anyway, can you believe the Homespun she sent me is the exact color and dyelot I have in my very own stash here at home. I was so elated to find that out. Now I have no idea what the heck I am going to make but at least when I figure it out I will have yarn all from the same dye lot...Can you see tje Lion brand Big she sent too? What fun! In the picture to my left You can see two balls of South West trading company Optimum wool, in red. My grandmothers favorite color is red (she is one snazzy woman- only in her 60's- yup she started young). Definately think ing about making her something special with that. Just a little sumtin' sumtin'. :-) I decided that it is very important for me to handknit all my loved ones something before I leave for Italy next summer. I've kinda plotted out on paper what I need to start buying and what I can use in my stash for all the hats, scarves, and little purses I need to knit up. So all this has really enhanced my options and helped a great deal. Thank you so much, your generosity has touched my heart. This Christmas will be a very knitted Christmas. I loved EVERY SINGLE ITEM secret friend. LOVED IT. Thank you so much. Thank you for making my day just by seeing the package and thank you for greatly transforming my stash! I can't wait to find out who you are...

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Hip....Hip...Hurray!!!!!!! I'm so pleased that you loved everything, I'm just as excited to give to you as you were to recieve it. I can't wait until next month.....oh maybe I can't wait that long. You never know when you'll see something from me. Take care