Tuesday, June 06, 2006

lt would have been nice if my previous post would have posted like two weeks ago...stupid blogger! Guess you guys thought I fell off the earth

Well, anyway-if you read below I we had a lot happen then we went to Hawaii. The trip was SO amazing--wait scratch that, the trip sucked, the visit/the vacation was SO amazing. If you are really interested in going to Hawaii you can read more about it and see pictures of the place where stayed here. My father in law is blogging about it! I thought he was so cute for that. Not only is he an official blogger but he and mi madre (inlaw) are both myspacers. How cute can you get?

I'm sure you'll hear Hawaii come out of my mouth more than you can stand for the next one million years. It is truly that beautiful. I am now an advocate and I believe that every person should experience this magical land of wonder...

Hopefully when blogger is not being so ridiculous about uploading pictures I will be able to include some in my post to beautify my site.

Oh by the way, I finished the front and am almost done with the back of my rainbow tank. It's too cute. I started to knit a sock (anklet) and got past the heel turn but am totally clueless about how to pick up the stitches and were to knit next. I am confused because I am not using a particular pattern. I have just kinda of been putting together the patterns of several socks I liked. I really like ankle socks so that made it a little different too.

Again, I'll post some pics when the system can handle.

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