Friday, January 04, 2008

All scarves all the time

I'm blogging from my flickr again and yes this is another scarf. I believe I got the pattern off of an old Crazy Aunt Pearl blog entry or something. Nevertheless, this scarf knit up so easy it was ridiculous. It might have taken two days and I wasn't knitting my whole days away either.
It's made out of the Online Linie yarn that's at the top of my page. I think I used size 13 needles. Again like the other scarf I made it super long and used 3 balls of the yarn.
Unfortunately, there seems to be more scarfs in this blogs' future this year because I spotted one in the new Knitscene called the 1.)phiaro ( I already have 1 ball of the required yarn in my stash so I just need to buy two more) scarf that I really like and even though it's like clapotis, it's not clapotis so I still want to make my clapotis that I messed up so badly earlier last year so that means 2.) clapotis is on the list. Then of course I am currently knitting a 3.) scarf for my honeybunches out of Cascade 220 using some stitch pattern he chose out of my Vogue Knitters Handbook. Add onto that the two scarves I mentioned earlier and I've got at least five and of course that 6.)mobius cowl scarf thingie I've been wanting to knit for sometime and I've got 6 definite scarfs to knit. I will keep you posted. Matty's scarf should be done pretty soon and then I can mail it to him. He says it's freezing in Italy. BTW, I believe that he will be there for a few weeks before heading to Afghanistan. It's a high probability that I will be visiting Italy for a couple of weeks after I leave New Mexico. I can't wait. Sumter, South Carolina will have to see me when I get back. Did I mention that I'm not living in GA anymore? I moved back to Northern VA! Exciting times.

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