Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year= new list of movies.

Hopefully I can keep up with it at a good pace this year. Here are a couple of movies I’ve watched thus far.

1. Vertigo- Back in November my Fiberflix group was doing the whole Alfred Hitchcock thing and there were a few movies that I didn’t get to watch and this was one of them and the best so far I would say. I had never seen hardly any Hitchcock movies before (blush), maybe the Birds but not many. I really liked it and recommend it with all it’s crazy suspense. This weeks recommendation. Also check out the trailer here. I thought it was amusing and it struck me funny how detailed and long it was.
2. The Lookout- I had gotten some previous info that this movie was horrible from several family members but I watched it anyway and didn’t think it was that bad. Of course it was not the best movie that I’d ever seen. I will admit I was expecting something different but what I got wasn’t bad.
3. A Fish Called Wanda- I’ve actually seen this movie quite a few times. I think it is hilarious each time. Jamie Lee Curtis is priceless in this movie. Also I just couldn't get over how young she looked.


Jeremiah said...

We just watched Shoot 'Em Up, and it was just like Mr. Brooks in that there was absolutely no nudity or awkward sex scenes. Thanks, Weety.

Anonymous said...

good movie reviews, i don't think i've seen any of them!!!