Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Still thinking about New Mexico

Hanging in the airport waiting for my flight to Italy, debating whether it's really a good idea to pay $8 for 24 hours of internet that I might only be able to use for two hours….is that cheap? That's probably cheap, huh? I wouldn't mind using my Netflix and watching Heroes on instant download (another reason why I love Netflix- you can watch movies instantly). When I was in New Mexico I was staying up into the deep hours of the night/morning watching Heroes; feeding my addiction. Everyone there was just raving about the show and I had seen the previews and wanted to get into it but never had. After the first show I was hooked and now I just have the 2nd season of what they've shown already to catch up on (for Hero fans you can watch season 2 episodes on Netflix every Wednesday after they air.)

I had to stay up late at night to watch them because during the day we were hiking Aguirre Springs ,

and eating at Si Senore,

or snow fighting in Santa Fe during the day. See ya in Italy.


Jeremiah said...

Saw some of Venice Flickr'd. What else have you done there?

Ninabeena said...

We've done a lot of eating, stuff on post, and walking around in downtown Vicenza. I don't have a lot of pictures of that stuff but you know. It's all good.