Monday, January 07, 2008

Matty's new scarf

Matty camera pics 006
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I'm currently in Santa Fe.We just got here today, on our way we stopped in Albuquerque to ride the tram- since the weather was so misty it ended up being a no go. We'll have to try and check it out on the way back on Tuesday. Nevertheless, what a blast this place is! I wish I had brought my USB cord so I could upload some of the crazy pics that I've taken since I've been in New Mexico! Check out the place that I'm staying. I've got my own little casita complete with a cute/awesome kitchen and wood burning adobo style fireplace. It's freaking amazing. Gives you that rustic New Mexican feel- which I love. Just from being in Las Cruces alone, I definitely could live here- I think this to myself every time I visit actually. Who knows where my little path could take me. I know on Saturday it will be taking me to Venice, Italy. I'm pretty excited about that.
Anyway, I mentioned the other day that it was all scarves all the time over here and it is the truth. Here is the yarn I'm using to knit Matty's scarf. It's Cascade 220. Great yarn actually- quick to knit with. As soon as I'm back home I will show you the finished product of this (which probably won't be for another 3-4 weeks). Before Matty left I had him pick the yarn from this amazing store in Macon called Creative Yarns. It's also were I got the yarn for my ruffly harlot scarf. Then I flipped through my copy of the Vogue Knitting handbook and had him pick a pattern he liked...maybe not a good look. I've knit most of the scarf and it is curling like CRAZY. I'm hoping that it will block out; we shall see. I think I'll throw up in my mouth a little bit if I have to put a border all around that thing.


Matty said...

shoot, you think that is cool, the people we went out with last weekend have a nice little B&B for us to visit in.....TUSCANY!!!!

Christie said...

That place looks so cute! NM is a very nice place to visit.