Friday, January 04, 2008

Matty camera pics 007

Matty camera pics 007
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i can only allow myself to make a few more scarfs for a while. I feel like all I ever knit is scarfs. Although, when I think about it, it's what people ask me for the most. I have about a hundred of these that I need to make. I finished it a couple of months ago and wore it when we went to Macon to see some of Matty's family. His Aunt and his cousin were hinting pretty hard that they wouldn't mind having their very own ruffly scarf. It only took a couple of days, an hour here and there. I thought I would add them to the Christmas knitting but um, no ma'am.
Sorry for the weird picture. My hubby took it. At the time I was not amused.
I used 3 balls (2 and 3/4) of Online Linie something, obviously I'm going to have to find the little paper because I can't find the number online. (I'm in New Mexico away from most of my stash right now folks!)
Anyway, I used my size 8 Rosewood Lantern Moon needles my sister gave to me a few years ago. I twisted the yarn as I went so I could make one side completely dark green and the other completely light green.
My tension was weird in some places in the scarf and you can tell if you really look at it. I also managed to drop a stitch for like 10 rows- somehow. It really builds the scarfs character. Anyway, at least I will do a perfect job the next time I knit it. I was thinking I could make one in brown for cousin and a red one for Auntie. No telling when that will get done....