Friday, January 04, 2008

Multimedia message

I want to blog from my phone!


Jeremiah said...

Wow, are you kidding? I JUST five minutes ago signed up at Jott, which lets you do that.

It's a voice transcribing service that you call and it sends an email or text of your message.

And you can set it up to post to blogs or Google Calendar or a bunch of other stuff.

Hollerate in 2008.

Jeremiah said...

Or, not sure about Blogger, but WordPress allows posting via email, which you should be able to do on your phone.

Anyways, i just got a spiffy Bluetooth headset for Christmas, so i'm curious to try out this Jott thing for reminders and whatever. I don't have fancy QWERTY on my phone.

Ok, just checked, and Blogger is go for mobile.