Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Look what I found

I found this awesome book at a gimoungous used bookstore in Las Cruces. The store is called Coas Books Inc. They have a website. I got a few cool/vintage knitting and crocheting books but this is the only one I brought with me to look through on my way to Santa Fe. My goal is to knit or crochet at least one thing out of this thing. There is some awesome info between these 550 pages even if it was published back in 1959! The book is by Good Housekeeping and it's pretty much an encyclopedia with patterns about all needlecrafts to include sewing, crocheting, and knitting, and cross stitching and tatting and...you get the picture.
By the way I've got this phone blogging down now, my camera phone leaves some things to be desired though.I guess it's good in a pinch. Maybe I can give you a few peaks at Matty's stuff and other randomness before Feb....
PS- I found out that I do not have to enter a token every time I want to blog from my phone- I'm so glad b/c that would have been stupid.

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