Tuesday, February 06, 2007

That's probably what I get...

for trying to rip off Asylum. I made another gift for a friend that she will probably never see. I got the idea when I was in Annapolis, Maryland last summer. Matty and I were walking around the dock stores and went into wake*skate*snow (Asylum) (they have really cute surfer/skater/snowbunny) type stuff there.
I saw a really cute hat there and upon further inspection of the $19 dollar price I said to myself “I could make that!” I shamelessly drew a little picture of the details I figured I’d need (in the middle of the store)and went on about my business.

A zillion months later (now that I have the time) here it go!
That’s Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in an ecru color, knit on 10.5 sized clover bamboo needles (circs). It was just suppose to be your standard hat with a 2 x 2 rib, seed stitching, and a stockinette pocket...

I didn't even bother to make the pocket because the hat came out funny :-( Maybe the pocket will save it. Huh!

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Jeremiah said...

The picture says it all.