Friday, February 09, 2007

Why am I not asleep?

I ordered this yarn from Knitpixie at like 11:00 at night the other day and it came a couple minutes later. They are not playing around about shipping over there folks. Anyway, it's 100% Bamboo yarn from SWTC. I think the ball band said something like 240 yds to a skein. Don't hold me to it, I'm shooting from the hip.
Nevertheless every since I saw the FREE pattern on Wendy's site many moons ago I've wanted to knit a scarf for a friend I'm thinking. She knit it as a headband do-dad thingie.
When I saw this yarn (made out of bamboo) in this color it all came together so perfectly. I decided it can be the project I could work out when Delta is getting on my last nerve (apparently this scarf will be done in no time) I forgot to photograph it but I got this yarn in a variegated green colorway too.


Patti said...

Hey there! I was searching for Darlene's website & I happened upon your blog. Too fun. :-) Anyway, this is Patti from Monday night knitting. I bookmarked ya.


Ninabeena said...

cool. I'm glad you found me. i've had time to post more frequently so I'll have stuff up here that you can check out.

Phyllis said...

Hey there Nina
I like your new blog look. Glad to see back and blogging.