Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mo' movies, mo'movies, mo' movies

11. Brokeback Mountain- The movie was definitely complex and I think it did a really good job of showing the taboo of it all, especially in that time period and setting of the country. Heath Ledger was really impressive in his portrale... I have to tell ya, it was tough for me to watch this movie and I really only caught it in passing on HBO. On a personal level the attraction just seems so foreign to me and I can’t understand it. I could have empathy for the characters on screen but I could never really make the connection because I just don’t understand it. In real life I am one of those people who does a double take like, “What is going on over there?” if I walk past two males or two females holding hands. It’s always startling and a surprise to me so to try to get down with it in a movie was….tough. Anyway, my final conclusion is that above all else for me the movie was deeply thought provoking and I believe this was part of the purpose of the movie. While American culture is working hard at mainstreaming homosexuality a movie like this is a catalyst to get people seriously thinking and talking and truly facing/examining themselves and what they believe.

12. DreamGirls- Matty and I saw this in the theatre a couple of weeks ago. It was good. Matty even really liked it. He was fighting me on it originally especially when I told him that it was a broadway musical type thing. BTW, they did a great job of making it a movie and a musical. Everything about this movie was good. Good singing, good acting, good set design, good wardrobe. Jennifer Hudson was impressive in her acting especially for a first time appearance. She was really able to get her emotions to transfer over the film quite naturally. Her singing wasn’t bad neither! Though she did play a big role, it wasn’t the Beyonce’ show either. Eddie Murphy deserved his best supporting actor award. I thought he was simply amazing. Honestly, I was just glad to see his face on the silver screen again. I think that he can be over the top at times but the man is truly brilliant. It was a stellar cast honestly. They couldn’t have done a better job on that. The movie did an great job of depicting the industry’s relationship with blacks in that time period. Did I mention the set designs were really perfect? They also did a great job in developing each character and their storyline while incorporating the music. I think this is a must see for everyone/anyone and so it is my recommendation of the week.

13. My Super Ex-Girlfriend- A goofy movie. I like Uma Thurman and the Wilson brothers, that’s why I rented it in the first place. I wouldn’t waste my time a second time but it was amusing enough for me not to start wishing for an ending halfway through the movie. Luke Wilson, who I usually think is a clever little cutie pie with his whole manjaw going on, actually looked kinda chubby in this movie. It was weird.

14.The Covenant- This movie was cheesy. The very beginning scene I said to Matty “Huh, have you ever seen the Lost Boys?!” The beginning scene was so familiar to that movie for me. Actually the whole “bad boys” of darkness thing was amusing and I have to include that every frame of the movie tried to be gothic/gotham city esque. The college was all very stone and gates and gargoyle. The rich-bad boys houses all looked like huge haunted mansions. Most of the scenes took place in the evening or with a “misty fog” around. It all seemed so cliché’ and over overdone. The special effects and fights were a joke. It almost looks like they’re throwing water balloons at each other. Finally, I’ll end this by saying that it was all quite predictable too.

15. Mission Impossible III- There was a good amount of action. It was an entertaining movie to say the least. Didn’t Michelle Monaghan remind you of Katie Holmes just a little bit? The whole content of the movie that pertained to his love interest and their relationship felt like a subliminal statement to me actually. Anyway, if you’re looking for some action this would still be a very good choice. Storywise and actingwise I definitely think that Mission Impossible II with Thandie Newton was better. (Anyone seen the Truth about Charlie? Very clever movie with her in it)

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