Thursday, February 08, 2007


Today you get two post in one day. I went to the main office at my apartment complex this morning because the mailman left me a note saying i had a package.
My sockret pal spoiled. me. rotten.
Every single item was just absolutely perfect for me. EVERY ITEM. I felt so special when I opened it up. There were two cooking magazines because I love to cook. I will most likely be subscribing to both of those mags now. I've actually been meaning to subscribe to COOKS for some time now. My sockret pal just made it official. She also sent bath confetti which is perfect. Did I happen to mention that my new home has not one but two garden tubs and since I haven't been working yet I've been taking advantage of using them in a major way. I can't wait to use that stuff. It smells wonderful. She sent a lovely random acts of kindness fridge magnet. I thought that was just too cool. If it doesn't offend I was thinking I could explain to my next pal that she too has to do something wonderful for her own pal and send her the magnet if I send it to her. Who knows maybe it will get back to one of us if we keep the magnet going with our random act of kindness. Just a know what they say about karma. Wait, I hope I haven't lost you all because I'm not done...
My wonderful pal sent me a lovely post card in honor of black history month. I found this particularly touching. I have to say my heart melted and eyes dared to water up at the thought of another person appreciating and seeing the beauty in my heritage. It really touched my heart pal, you're freakin' awesome. Us knitters, we rock!
Ya'll know if I was about to cry receiving my post card when I saw my handknit socks I just went over. The colors are perfect, the pattern i
s amazing, the fit is incredible. It was wonderful to slip these handmade beauties on my feet and just think, "someone invested their time in these for me." They even came with a matching candle(which I love).I know I'm being all gushy but it's all true! You know what else my socks look like me and my style, check it out I gave them a tour. Thank you so much sockret pal you could never know how much it meant to receive your package. Awesome.


Anna said...

Man, you really made out in the Sockret pal department! I've gotta join the next round! :-D

As for "Stomp the Yard," I was mighty impressed with that movie too. ALL the men were pretty nice looking if you ask me. :-D

Thanks for the support about my local guild. Them elderly ladies still have some kick in 'em, but they don't know that I do too! :-p It ain't the end by any means. It's good to hear another young sistah is getting in the mix in these knitting circles too. Keep up the bloggin'!!! :-)

anne said...

What a wonderful pal you have! seeing the cooking mags is making me salivate a little. I'm sure your pal is just as pleased to receive your package. I know I was during the SSF swap!