Monday, February 12, 2007

Picked some cheap cotton

AC Moore was having a sale on some discontinued SnC cotton.
I figured since I’m knitting along every month on the yahoo dishcloth group I might as well pick myself some $.75 cotton.
I think I’ve got more than enough now. This is my whole cotton stash now with the new additions.
23 skeins! It’s so tough to pass that stuff up when it’s on sale even if I’m not sure if I like the colors. Ususally when it knits up I end up liking it and even if I don’t somebody is bound to. Such perfect little gifts.
Here are my cloths from January

The first one ended up being a star/snowflake thingie. It was pretty exciting to see this one developing and realize what it was. I’m glad I knit it in white; it goes with the whole snowflake theme thing. You can see I got mixed up halfway thru and changed from right side to wrong side in the pattern. Did I rip it out? No, it’s a dishcloth! I’ll just have to knit another one the correct way day. This one was kind of major crap anyway. I was testing out different ways to hold my needles, wrap the yarn, stitch quicker etc etc for the purl stitch. I finally figured a way that is most comfortable for me yet still makes good looking purls toward the end of the pattern. I had come to realize that purling was not my favorite thing so I wanted to make it easier on myself. Anyway…

The other pattern was a cabled dishcloth. I’ve never knit cables before so this too was pretty exciting. I felt like a knitting pimp; it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Imagine that. Nevertheless, I really disliked the design of the cloth. I don't want to use it (have it in my house) and I don't want to give it away. It was strictly a learning experience I guess. It's a shame too because I've seen cables I really like it's just that this particular design was not my favorite.
Now, wouldn’t you know during the famous dishcloth knit a long I only got 4 done. Needless to say I was eating the dust of some of the other dishcloth maniacs in the knit along. But now after the KAL is over I’m upping my dishcloth game! 
Still it was around the same time that I signed up for the Dishcloth a Month Club. It’s a group on yahoo (they have a blog too). The host sends out about 7 or 8 lines of a dish cloth pattern every few days. You end up knitting about 2 dishcloths a month. It sounds old lady but it’s actually pretty fun because you have no idea what you’re knitting and it’s always something different using a different technique. BTW, it’s free and the ladies are nice, welcoming, and super helpful. I’m convinced that knitting dishcloths will help you develop your knitting skills, besides they are great gifts.

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lauriec said...

Hi Nina! FINALLY saw your comment on my blog! I'm on the same yahoo group! Are you enjoying the mid month? I'm having a good time with it!