Thursday, February 08, 2007

6. America’s Sweethearts- I think I’ve only seen John Cusack in one movie (Runaway Juror- ) that was not a romantic comedy. Maybe I should start keeping a list of the actors that seem to be so severely type casted-it's like watching groundhog day over and over again just with a different title. Ok, maybe I am being a little severe but there is truth in it. Anyway, it was a good enough movie. Nothing to write home about. It ended the way I expected. I felt like all the actors (Juilia Roberts, Catherine Zeta Jones, Billy Crystal) had done this type of movie so many times that even they were tired of it all. Wow, I hadn’t realized just how many good/decent movies JohnC had been in until I brought up his profile…DANG DUYU!
7. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Man o Man. Johnny what have you done? I use to love the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and maybe this is where my problem begins. I found this version to be way too weird for my taste. It followed all of the original antidotes (which was actually disappointing) but it was almost let’s say….morbid. I guess that’s the Tim Burton special huh? Johnny why? I still love you…
8. Mr. and Mrs. Smith- This has been running and re-running non stop on cable. I actually saw it in the theatre the first time. I can’t help myself from liking this movie. As much as I want to be mad at Brad I have to admit that he and Angie have great chemistry together. It's not a comples movie but it sure is fun. It's definately an updated, cooler, sexier True Lies (in a way) at least that's what it reminded me of-just better.
9. Stomp the Yard- Matty really wanted to see this. I was against it. It was too “You got Served” – (Go home and stop akin lika ho’-sorry just had a flashback) looking to me. I went anyway. I loved this movie. First off let me say that unlike up north there were all genre of people in the movie theatre and it was packed (not even opening day) checking this movie out. I really liked that. We went to see it on MLK day and I felt very “I’m black and I’m proud” afterward. There were a couple of things I just LOVED aside from the great dancing.
1) The movie depicted black men in a positive light. The men in this movie weren’t only severely attractive but they were smart, educated, and going places.
2) It took time out to really help the viewer identify the pride and heritage that comes along with attending an all black college and belonging to a sorority/fraternity.
Definitely my recommendation for the week and it is a movie for everybody so try and get out of the house. I’d actually like to go and see it again…Matty and I got to the theatre late and had to sit in the first row…some things might have swished by too quick for me to catch!
10. Banditas- This was a BMS (Big Matty Special); it had Salma Hayek AND Penelope Cruz as western bank robbers! It was cute but not very good. Salma and Penelope looked like they were trying not to bust up laughing from having so much fun thru the whole movie. Salma does get to yell out “Long live Mexico!!” I know that must have felt special to her.

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