Friday, February 16, 2007

Last Sockret pal package is in the process ….

I'm using that antibacterial Tofutsie's SWTC sockyarn I got at Darlene's. It is very splitty but I'm managing.
As you can see I'm going from the toe up and I've decided the sock will be in garter rib stitch. This would be my first time doing any type of pattern in a sock. I'm really enjoying myself. I had to go up to a size two needle. There was lots of swatching. It's probably why the third and final swatch ended up being so small. I should have knit the swatch like I did for Delta.
Anyway, I'm on my way now and that's what's important.
My sockret pal will just have to look at these socks as a sentimental mark in my sock knitting career. One day I'll knit socks like Stephanie Pearl McPhee but is not a sock harlot day. Today I rip and started the toe over approximately 5-7 times and even now I won't say I'm satisfied but guess what...this is what your getting sister! lol


Anna said...

LOL, that's too cute! Those socks should turn out really nice. It's truly the thought that counts, and with toe-ups, you can just increase until the size looks right, so it's all good! :-D Can't wait to see your progress. I've still got a blasted pair of socks to knit for my brother, so I'm trying to commit to them for the time being so I'll live vicariously through you for the Tofutsies experience (for now)!

anne said...

It looks good so far! Good Luck! I hope you don't experience the same troubles I had knitting a sock. :-P
Nice color choice!